Monthly Archives: March 2015

Miss Me?

Okay, I admit I’ve been on hiatus for a bit from the column but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.
In fact, the reason why I took the extra time is BECAUSE I’m working.
Yes, after more than five months of living the life of leisure, I’m back in the game.
This time not as a reporter but as the Director of Marketing and Development for Home Instead Senior Care in Erie.
The company provides non-medical care for seniors who wish to stay in their homes, helping with daily duties like showers, meals and getting dressed.
Die-hard journalists believe that taking a marketing job is a little like going over to the dark side of the force, Obi Wan Cronkite.
For me it’s a different approach to using many of the same skills, but I must admit to the oddity of being a rookie in my fifties.
Still, there is something invigorating in getting out of the same old grooves, finding a different path and learning where you are going as you do it.
And I’m meeting new people, like a 98-year old birthday girl named Louise and an 87-year old retired music professor named William.
Marketing may be different from journalism but people are people, and just about all of them have stories worth telling.
Now if I can just fit this column into the new weekly work load, we’ll be back in full swing.